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The Wedding Tapestry VideoIt’s your first anniversary, and you’ve gathered your parents and the members of your wedding party at your home to relive your wedding day through one of your most prized possessions — your wedding video.

Conversation in the room fades as you once again make the trip down the aisle, while your recorded voice describes the thoughts washing over you on that journey.

You can hear a pin drop in your living room as your vows unfold onscreen while your off-screen voices reflect on the feelings rushing through both of you as you spoke the words and exchanged the rings.

Then comes the reception, with all its excitement and activity. The first dance begins with a recounting of your memories of walking onto the dance floor, followed by the toasts, parent and bridal party dances, cake cutting, bouquet and garter.

All this, and much more are gathered together — threads bound with your very own words into a family heirloom beyond price — a rich remembrance of a very, very special beginning . . .

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